The World Gourmet Society (WGS) was founded in 2011 by Matthias Tesi Baur driven by his passion for food. 

Whilst traveling the world for business, he asked friends and colleagues to show him local and authentic restaurants and uncovered a world of amazing eateries from street-food joints to upmarket restaurants, talented young chefs and exciting culinary trends. He soon found himself spending every free moment trying to explore uncharted territory!

And so the idea was born to create a gourmet club where like-minded food lovers and professionals could discover emerging food trends, share hidden restaurant gems and support new culinary ideas. 

Everything you find in this shop has been discovered by Matthias Tesi on his travels, meeting with Chefs, food critics and other foodies. The World Gourmet Society aims to discover new culinary landscapes - we hope you enjoy browsing our shop and discover something new!

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